Facility Cleaning

Routine cleaning

Classic routine cleaning – i.e. the cleaning service your building requires at regular intervals – not only contributes to maintaining the value and appealing atmosphere of your building, it also greatly increases the sense of well-being of your employees and hence their productivity.
In consultation with you, our customer service advisors can draw up a concise cleaning plan adapted to your individual requirements. In this way we guarantee full transparency and establish a trusting partnership.

Window cleaning

Treat yourself to an undimmed perspective! Together with you we can establish the optimal cleaning rota to keep your windows gleaming. Apart from the windows, we can also clean the frames, jambs, rubber seals, sills and blinds.

Facade cleaning

The cleaning and upkeep of facades maintains not only their appearance but also their structure. Using modern machinery we make sure that even the most tenacious dirt is gently removed.

Deep cleaning

This form of cleaning refers to the mechanical treatment of flooring and other surfaces (e.g. linoleum, PVC, India rubber, tiles, natural stone, terrazzo, etc.). Depending on the surface and its frequency of use, a one-off treatment or sealing with a wear-resistant coating can be carried out. We can also undertake deep cleaning in your sanitary installations. See our outstanding results for yourself!

Carpet cleaning

In our usual method, a cleaning foam is worked into the pile, then all dirt and chemical residue is removed by spray extraction and finally the pile is straightened up again. Different procedures may be appropriate for certain types of carpeting. Ask us for a flooring material and underlay analysis!

Industrial and machine cleaning

This service covers the cleaning of industrial plant and production facilities. Its various procedures relate to specific industries and vary from factory to factory.
Our services includes:

Cleaning of machinery, removal of corrosion from machine parts, suction cleaning of drilling and waste oil, removal of filings from machine parts, cleaning of industrial glazing.


Exact knowledge of application times is decisive to the success or failure of disinfection, and thus a crucial factor in disease prevention. Responsibility for the hygiene of a kindergarten, a school, a swimming pool, a food production company, an operating theatre or an industrial clean room presents its own special problems in each case. In our company we can rely on the longstanding experience of our EU-certified disinfector (EURAS CERT Nr. 17024 – Disinfector). Disinfection differs from sterilisation, which is the complete elimination of all micro-organisms and spores. Discretion and confidentiality are a matter of course at O.K. Service.

  • wipe-and-scrub final disinfection in hospitals and other medical facilities
  • disinfestation and disinfection following corpse discovery
  • disinfection of the apartments of pathological hoarders
  • sterilisation